Message from USAA

Proud Sponsor of America's Game

Maj. Gen. Josue

Welcome to America's Game

If you didn't know better, the pageantry and passion of the 113th Army-Navy Game may convince you that this is all about Football. After all, down on the gridiron, the Black Knights and Midshipmen will be hitting a littler harder and running a little faster, because they know this is a special game. When they were plebes, they were asked to recite at a moment's notice how many days were left until their side won the Army-Navy Game.

But America's Game is bigger than football. It's a reminder that Americans on different sides are, in fact, united by higher ideals. "It's the purest rivalry in college football," explains Ensign Jeff lenar, a member of the USNA Class of 2009, "where teams playing against each other will soon be serving next to each other."

The game is also a reason to cheer for those who are serving thousands of miles away. "One win can and will boost the morale of many of our fellow brothers and sisters fighting overseas," says 2nd Lieutenant Kingsley Ehie, USMA Class of 2011.

On behalf of our 24,000 employees who serve and deliver finaancial advice to military families every day, USAA is proud to present the 113th Army-Navy Game, back in Philadelphia this year.

We hope you enjoy the game — and celebrate the deeper meaning of this historic rivalry.


Maj. Gen. Josue "Joe" Robles, USA (Ret.),
USAA President and CEO